Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Evening- is it a Dog or is it another Child???

This evening was quite enjoyable, Meaghan and Alex with Daddy and I playing Candyland while Katie was at a birthday party. The afternoon however, was little crazy, as I think I really don't have a dog, I *DO* have another child...

Seriously, the 2 yr old and the dog were fighting over the same blanket- Alex is mad because Honey had HIS blanket.

And of course you can just see it right here, "I had it FIRRRSSSSTTTTT!!!!!!!" LOL!

I also forgot to share the wonderful welcome home sign the kids made for me coming home, as well as my beautiful homemade tambourine. :)

Though much to Katie's dismay, Alex pulled all the puppy stickers off the other side. *sigh* Already doing what he can to irritate his sisters.

Of to watch the rest of the movie with Mike, Night all!


Stacie said...

lol That is too funny, honey and A fighting over a blanket. LOL.

Pam from db fishbowl said...

Funny Honey!!!
She's going to need a blankie or bed in every room!!

Cookie's Mommy said...


Wendy said...

See we solved that problem here....Bailey has his own blankies...three of the same one to be exact (we had one in his cage down here, one in the cage in our room and one on our bed when he was a puppy). Now all the blankies are down here and he will pull them out of his cage and arrange them how he wants them to sleep on.