Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Been a super busy day here... Started off the morning with a trip to the vet....

Last night as we were loading up to head to the GB meeting, I was taking care of a potty break and gave Honey over to Mike to put in the van. He put her in alright... he accidently shut about the last 3 inches of her tail in the sliding van door. OUCH!!! Poor baby yelped and was whimpering. She jumped out and came running to me. I petted her and tried to calm her down. Which she did pretty well. Then I had to ask her to get back in, which she didnt want to, but did nervously.

We called the vet's office and they said the only thing they could tell us was to go to the animal hospital, which we werent going to do that as she wasn't acting like she was in that much pain and while there was some swelling, it wasnt like it was crooked or anything, being obviously broken. She was also wagging it and so forth, so that was a good sign. But we did schedule an appt for this morning to get her checked out. At the meeting, she was up and down, up and down, as I know she was in a lot of pain. I took the harness off of her and pretty much just let her be so she could try to get comfy. She did really well and after a couple of hours, she finally started to really settle down and wasnt acting like it was hurting anymore. So we came home and just let her rest.

Took her to the appt this morning and the vet said it may have cracked one of the bones in there, but the tail is still warm and since it's curving up, she's wagging it, and she does have feeling it it, she should be fine. Said to watch it for the next few days to make sure it doesnt go cold or turn colors, but he didnt think we'd have any problems. He said she is in some pain, so gave us some rimidyl (sp?), an aspirin like pain-killer, to help ease that. Asked if I needed to be cautious of using her on the meds and he was like no, it's not a narcotic or anything, so shouldnt affect her performance as my guide.

So then I walked over to the eye dr's office, around the corner, as Mike had dropped me off and taken Meaghan to school. Mike was there for his annual eye appt at 9. We then went and took a look at sprint phones, the Mogul, which is a smart phone. Something we are looking into, since Mike is needing a new phone. His is about shot and pretty worn out. We were looking at doing smart phones, in which we can dock to the pc and sync all of our calendars together, instead of trying to keep all of our paper calendars updated. Mike's boss had recommened the Mogul, because it is a touch pad and has many options to enlarge the fonts and backgrounds. So we wanted to take a look at it to see if it'd possibly work for me. Mike also did research on it and it is top of the line for working with hearing aids and T coils, so I shouldnt have any problems hearing on it. Depending on how the tax return comes back will determine if we can do the phones along with very much wanting to take the kids to Disney this coming July. (another post coming soon on that)

Then I had my annual eye exam for glasses at 11am, then Alex had his first eye exam at 11:30. His vision is perfect at 20/20 and I picked out new glasses. Then we went to Steak and Shake for lunch and then at 1:20 I had an appt with our family dr, as I've got these stupid sores/blisters back in my mouth again, along with a slight fever, ears hurting, throat sore and so forth. So did that and she gave me the Mary's magic wash and diflucan again since that worked last time. So we got home and Alex is down for a nap.

Mike just took off to go get Meaghan and she has her annual eye exam at 3pm. After that, he'll come home and we'll do dinner and he'll take off up to work for the evening. He has tomorrow off, which he'll go to the bank and get the deal with Alex's savings CD taken care of and then at 1pm he'll go to the church to help out with set up for GB. Then tomorrow night, Dad and Mike leave for the weekend for banquet. Then my long weekend starts with the kids on my own. ;)

Ok think Im going to try for a short nap before katie gets home...

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