Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friday through the Weekend

Alrighty The weekend was COLD. The temps here in Indiana were doing good to make double digits this weekend. So needless to say, the weekend was all about staying indoors as much as possible. ;) We worked on housework, laundry, watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, our favorite show to watch as a family :) and we played with the kids. :)

Saturday we went to church, as we do every week. I have to mention, that it is really interesting, that the biggest question, behind "How old is she?", seems to be... "Are you training the dog to BE a guide dog?" As I was coming into the church, since we enter into the nursery entrance with the kids, one of the greeters asked me this question. I said no, she's *MY* guide dog. And I got the puzzled look which invariably turns to astonishment when I explain that while my central vision is still good *knocking on wood* that I have lost most of my peripheral vision. And as usual, it's followed by their response of "Wow, I would never have known that you have a vision problem, you get along so well with it!" I guess I did too good of a job of making up for it, as gosh, it's biting me in the butt now that I'm not able to hide it as well....

So we take the kids on in and get them to thier rooms and then head on to the sanctuary. The sermon was a good one, even though it was given by Mike Berry, the High School youth minister. Honey as usual, assumed her position laying by my chair in the aisle and immediately began to snooze. I'm going to be on the floor laughing the day she snores in church, like she does here at home! LOL! After the service, we got out very quickly, which is a new experience for us too. Usually we wait for all of the crowds to leave the sanctuary to make it easier for me to navigate out. Now that I have Honey to guide me, we leave with the crowd and are able to go and get in line to get the kids and actually get out in a pretty reasonable amount of time. We've also been finding that it doesn't take us nearly as long to get everyone checked in either. However that's helped as well in that Meaghan and Alex are now in the same Sunday school room too, as he graduated out of the toddler room. :)

After collecting the kids, we decided to do take out for dinner, hitting Taco Bell, and then after dinner, put the kids to bed and Mike worked on bags for Great Banquet, before we went to bed.

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