Saturday, February 2, 2008

Graduation Pictures! :)

GDF has our graduation pictures online now. :) Since I wasn't there for the whole class time, I will be missing Celebration Sunday that is tomorrow at the school. This is where the puppy walkers and sponsors come to talk with the grads and have one last time with the dogs in many cases.

So here is the link to the photos of all the class and then my grad picture. :)

Honey and I:

We had a good day today, having the InDBA meeting this morning and then church this evening. :) We are trucking away on these Great Banquet bags too- or I should say Mike is. He's been doing most of them so far, and just about completely done with the first weekends worth! Whoo Hoo! Then I'll set up one of the machines and start sewing the handles and sides of them here this week. :)

Ok, off to spend some quiet time with Mike. :) Night all!


sbthomas1 said...

What a great Graduation picture of you and Honey. We're sorry we were not able to meet you at the Celebration Sunday yesterday, but maybe in the near future. It sounds like you and Honey are adjusting to home life well together. The cute stories and experiences are so fun for us to read about! Way to go! Please feel free to email me personally if you can! Barbara in NC

Pam from DB fishbowl said...

Honey is quite the poser!! Are you sure she wasn't a diva super model in a past life!! So adorable how she turned and tilted her head!! Priceless....I'm almost tempted to put her photo on my phone home screen!!