Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alex's ENT appt

Alex has had 13 sinus/ear/bronchial/upper respiratory infections in 2 years- since Jan. 2006 & 3 months of age. :( So we finally got the go ahead to take him to an ENT and we went to see Dr. Scott Phillips:


Dr. Phillips took a look at Alex and said that his nasal passages looks like a child that has allergies. He said though that since he's still under 3, that he isn't really wanting to do allergy testing yet, because while they may have an allergy, it may not show up yet on the testing, simply because they haven't been exposed to it enough to show the results as being allergic to that item. So he wants to wait yet on that, but he did offer trying the nasal spray, Nasonex, for a month and then come back in. He wants to see if that gives some improvement and if it keeps him sinus problem free, and he said then the next step would be removal of his adenoids and possibly tubes at the same time. He said that the adenoids are enlarged and may be blocking the eustachian tubes from draining, thus making him so prone to the infections.

So we are to use the Nasonex on him and we will go back on the morning of March 13th for a follow up. :)

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