Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Super sore... :(

Ok, my tumble yesterday was a painful one. I'm definately sore today and the shoulder, knee, and hand are making themselves well known. I think I'm ok, just really sore, but Im sure feeling it. Just praying for God to heal me quickly before I take off next week for GDF, especially since all of this is on the left side- the side the dog is on and the hand I use to hold the handle.

Talked with Suzi today, and it is confirmed, we are definately going to be flying home together! :D I'm stoked and excited! It's pretty cool, that we get to do this together and we are both planning to work on some InDBA stuff while we are there and with no distractions other than our dogs. LOL!

We wound up staying home today- Meaghan taking a nap since she was just in RARE form today and melting down at almost everything. I knwo it did her some good to take the nap, I could have used one and about to head to bed here in a few minutes. Hoping to get a nap myself tomorrow!

We went to Great Banquet tonight and it was cool to see Mike and Amy there! :) I had a bunch of people come up and say they were praying for us and excited for me to go get my new dog. :) I feel so blessed to have the Great Banquet family, my GDF family, my DB family, and our other friends and family too! They have supported us, pulled us through rough times, and gotten me wherever I've needed to go in a mere moments notice! THANK YOU all for that!

alrighty, my eyes are too heavy and the yawns are coming steady now. I'm off to bed!

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