Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dog Day evening! :)

It has been such an awesome but a roller coaster of a day. :)

We were told our dogs before lunch, Suzi and I worked on InDBA stuff, and then we met our dogs about 2pm.

Rei came in and bounded up to me licking me in the face and taking all the loving she could get from the get go. :) She's a beautiful, sleek black lab with a more boxy head of the English labs that I love so much. :) They left us to bond and she was soon on her back taking all the belly rubs she could get. :)

And here she is:

She is considerably more strong-willed than Honey was, but that's ok. :) We are going through that learning each other/testing phase right now, but seeing improvements each time we head out of the room. We've been to the leather lounge twice and as anyone who's done this, knows it's pure chaos when you put 12 dogs with thier new handlers in a big circle in one room. LOL! The second time though, was a little better and Rei is starting to listen a little more. :)

We came back to our rooms and left the dogs on tie down and had dinner, which was again really good. It was mediterranean salad and chicken flautos and mocha ice cream for desert. :)

After dinner, I came back here and loved on Rei some more, taking her off the tie down, which she promptly came and laid between my feet and rolled onto her back. :) Then we made the second trip to the leather lounge. While I remember most of the stuff, I'm struggling with that footwork. LOL! As most of us retrains grumble about when back in class, from what I hear.

After lecture, we came back to the room and I called the kids to tell them good night and they came and got us to break the dogs individully. Rei must be feeling pretty comfortable with me, as she quickly did number 1 and after just a little be more went ahead and did #2 also. :) Which is great, as I remmy being stressed that Honey hadn't done #2 for 3 days. LOL!

We came on back in and I've let her loose and she's laid quietly and snoozing at my side. I uploaded the pics and doing my post here for the night. I really, really feel good about this. She's very smart and I think once we get through this learning stage, we are gonna be an awesome team!

Well, Im about to drop, so going to sign off and call it a night. Later all!

Kacie & Rei

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