Monday, June 9, 2008

Around... A little...

I'm here, have been off and on, just really in a funk though. Honey is too with the hammering of storms we've had lately. She's not eating well as a result and the heat's not helping matters either.

For those of you not in IN, please say some prayers for the people in southern IN, they are seriously having a time of it right now. Flooded, hit by tornadoes, and more rain coming. :( They got 10 inches of rain overnight a couple hrs south of us, it's just been aweful.

Have some things I need to talk with Mike about, lots coming up, lots been happening around home. Soccer rained out again, ending the season for the spring. All three kiddos will play in the fall though. :)

Had a trip to OH for an ushers meeting, vacation coming up soon and all of that to plan for. Plus I've turned a year older in the last week, so had a family gathering yesterday.

I'm am really pleased though that several are sending donations soon to the Matthew Thomas puppy sponsorship as I'd asked and I loved the basket gift I got from my aunt as well as several other things too. :)

Well I need to fix lunch, and keep up with the heavy duty potty training we are working on that we start today. So far we have had excellent success with only one accident first thing this morning when we first started. I'll try to come back and update, as I've neglected her for quite some time now....

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