Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our First Trip... :)

The weekend of May 31st, there was an Ushers 2 group gathering over in Ohio, on the north side of Columbus. Sue and I went over and stayed overnight at a really nice Best Western Suite and it was a really enjoyable time for us both. We got to talk on the drive over and back and it was really nice visiting with a group of people that were very similar in the progression of thier Ushers Syndrome as myself.

It was also really good experience in travelling with Honey. She did awesome, not even knowing she was in the back of the car during the whole trip over and back, as she just snoozed on the blanket we put over the seat for her. Of course we took her bean bag bed with us for that night. :) So for a brag, we got to the hotel and checked in. We saw another dog, which I didnt realize anyone else was coming with a dog, but turned out there was, but we checked in, took most of our stuff up to our 3rd floor room and put stuff down and then headed back down to the car to get her bean bag bed and Sue's cooler. We headed back in and Honey & I lead the way and commanded her to find the door, which she immediately took me in the dors, around and throught the lobby right to the elevator. We board the elevator and the doors open up and I tell her ok, Find the room! She trotted right out the doors, to the right, to the left down the hallway and right up to our room door. I was SHOCKED! I knew they could do this, but hadn't tried anything like this with her yet and didn't think she'd pick up on the room that fast.

We got settled in and went across the hall to the room where everyone was hanging out and the evening was enjoyable with pizza, drinks, and everyone went around the room introducing themselves telling about thier lives, families, and so forth. There was a lot of discussions about guide dogs, thier ability to help and so forth.

We stayed up late chatting about things and after some left, Honey and Douggie, the other dog that was there got to romp a bit with each other, as well as Honey graciously accepted the treat from Douggie's Dad. She was his best friend then. LOL!

So we all finally headed to bed about 12:30 and got up the next morning for breakfast, those of us that stayed overnight eating together and talking all the more. :) Then it was time to say our goodbyes until the next gathering that will be next year, probably in Cincinatti.

We took off, heading back to IN and on the way home, we stopped to see my grandmother. She was in her new apartment that is temporary with nursing help until she's able to go back home if she chooses to do so. She was doing very well and seemed to be in good spirits. She had a couple of visitors while we were there, so she doesn't seem to lack for company, that's for sure, she's still the social butterfly she's always been. LOL! Dad had also come up, bringing some stuff for her apartment, meeting us there to visit as well.

After we left there, we drove out to the interstate and stopped at a Lone Star for lunch. We got out and I let Honey have a chance to break and we went on in. The hostess took us to our booth, which I put Honey down and under the table, where she was well out of sight and actually began snoozing. Our waitress came over and took our orders, and we were sipping our drinks when a young woman, another employee, possibly the manager came flying over to our table. She said, "Excuse me, but I was told you have a dog over here." Dad immediately replied without even looking at her and stirring his tea, "It's a GUIDE DOG". The girl then went on to say "Well I'm sorry, but you cannot have the dog in here, you are going to need to take the dog out to the parking lot." I immediately spoke up and said calmly, "No, I don't have to take the dog out to the parking lot, because it is a service animal. Hold on and I'll get my ID out for you too look at. " I did so and she looked it over, front and back and reluctantly said, "Oh, ok. Thank you." And walked off and we could see her talking to some of the other employees at the back of the restaurant. We didn't have any other problems though after that and went on our way to drive on home.

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