Thursday, June 12, 2008

Birthday present

I got a birthday present of a flat screen tv for our bedroom! yay! Really like it, and now that Mike has traded Marland for the 19 inch flat panel monitor, we are pretty set! WOOT WOOT!

It was sooo cool as we got rid of two towers, the laptop, and a printer that's been in the garage for a bit now, Yippeee! So nice to get rid of stuff and get something in return that we needed!

Now we just have to get the corner desk finished to put the Mac on and for Mike to re-load it with its operating system since something seems to have gone haywire with it. We'll put the Mac on that desk and get what was our old server system set up for the kids too with a flat panel, leaving room on the desk Mike made for the kids. :)

So it's been a good few days, with LOTS going OUT of the garage. :D So we are getting closer and closer to getting the garage cleared out. :)

Thank you, Thank you,Thank you for the monitor!!!!

Mike is also working to try to get that stuff done before we tell the girls next week where we are going, so they can surf that Disney website and look to see what they are interested in going to see/ride. :)

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