Saturday, June 28, 2008

Potty Training update

Aunt Nancy- take notes. ;) Potty training is going really well so far. We have been using our cooking timer and setting it for 45 minutes/30 mins after eating and/or drinking and as soon as it goes off, it's a game to run to the bathroom as fast as we can and go. Then the reward is one jelly bean for doing #1 and two for a #2.

Surprisingly, in the last couple of days, Alex has been going to the bathroom before the timer has gone off on his own to do #2's, but not always making it there for #1's. I'll admit though, the last few days have been hectic/away from home and he's been in pull ups quite a bit instead of his big boy pants, so we've not used the timer as much as we should be. So hopefully we'll get back to that routine here in the morning.

So all in all, things are really looking promising and hopefully he'll be pretty well trained by the time he starts preschool on August 18th! :)

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Melany said...

Wow! He's getting so big. :) Great job, Alex.