Thursday, June 12, 2008

Before I forget...

Most weeks after we go to church on Saturday nights, we'll stop and grab a bite out to eat. It's our treat for the week as a family and so forth.

Well, going the way that most of the food places are, sends us a little different route than we normally travel, which takes us through downtown and past the town cemetary, which is on both sides of the road. I know this probably doesn't sound funny to read it here, but each week that we go this way, really any time we pass any cemetary with above ground head stones, the conversation that ensues between Meaghan and Alex gets us every time. It's a struggle not to burst out laughing at the niaveness of little kids.

It usually goes something like this...

M: ALEX!!!! LOOK!!!! Rocks!!!!

A: Where!? ROCKS!!!!!! (excited as a kid getting christmas presents)

M: Ohhhh, Look at the big Rocks!!!!

A: MOMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!! (at the top of his lungs) LOOKIE!!!!! ROCKS!!!!

Me: Yes Alex, those are rocks.

A: Meaghan, Look at the ROCKS!

M: Mommy! See the Rocks!!!???

A: Mommy! Rocks!

Me or Mike: Yes, We see the rocks (Mike snickering at the wheel)

Who knew that rocks could mean so much to little kids.....

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