Friday, June 13, 2008

Discovery of the Sprinkler

Alex hasn't been too fond of water spraying on him, but as he has taken baths with his sisters, he's learned a love for splashing. So with the heat we've had the last few days and thankfully dry weather, we pulled out the sprinkler for them to play in.

The kids were in thier swim stuff and he was in front of the shed when I turned the water on. It sprayed over to him and the screaming and running that ensued was quite a sight! LOL! You can see him pouting below as he glared at Katie as she ran back and forth through the water. Then we were able to coax him to walk down the sidewalk to put his hand out and feel the water. As the confidence grew, he worked himself up to walking up to the sprinkler and then eventually running through it giggling and laughing. Boys....

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