Friday, June 13, 2008


For those that know me well, Exercise, uh well, has never been my virtue... I think the longest I've exercised was when I played basketball in elementary/jr high school. LOL! As a result though, I've been up and down the scales for weight and definately don't have any endurance to speak of. So I made a decision to get this weight off and try to be more healthy. Oh yeah, the month or so that I did curves and then found out I was pregnant with Meaghan.

So as a gift, Dad and Sue gave Mike and I a family membership to our church gym. Also, Mike has just started a new schedule at work, where he's working earlier, getting off most times at 3:30. So he is now able to get from work to the church, exercise himself at the church gym and then come home and he can feed the kids and Sue comes over and picks me up to go do an hour of exercise too, yet still being home before bedtime for the kids to help with that.

So on Wednesday we went to the High School for the water aerobics class. Great place, but apparently the instructor had quit, so the class was now $2 a session and self led. So Sue, myself, and one other lady was there on our own. The other lady took off and said she was goign to the next town over, which has a water aerobics class later at night, 8-9pm. Sue and I decided to go ahead and get in and we'd do that movements I could vaguely remember from my couple of classes I took when pregnant with Katie. So we did some of those, and we actually had a really good time. We chatted, worked out, and had that whole section of the pool to ourselves! :D I got up yesterday morning kinda feeling it, but blissfully NOT sore to the point of hobbling like a penguin.

The water aerobics is on Mondays and Wednesdays, so we decided to go to the church gym tonight, of which Sue went ahead and got a membership for the gym too, and we both worked out. I did a little bit over 16 minutes for a mile on the treadmill to start out, then moved over to the recumbant bike. I couldnt get the programming set to a comfortable level, or really even set for that matter, so after 5 minutes of fooling with it, I got off of that. I then moved over to the eliptical and punched the on button there and lasted about 10 minutes there, 2/3rds of the way through the first "hill" on the weight loss programming and I was done for. I hit the off button and climbed off, beet red in the face and definately pretty warm. Sue was working on her app and we went on out to the gym itself and walked the track, where Honey got in the two laps with me before we headed off.

I'm really happy with how our schedule has worked out and having the accountablity factor there with Sue going with. It's keeping me motivated to do it, as I know I was sure thinking with the storms and wetness we've had all day, that I'd like to stay home tonight. Honestly though, I sure am glad I went, as I feel better now for it, though I think I will be feeling a little more than I want in the morning, but we'll work through it. :D

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