Saturday, June 28, 2008

A veiw of last weekend- First Road trip with the family for Honey!

Last weekend we headed north for the weekend to go to Mike's family reunion. His mom isn't able to go anymore, so we stayed with college friends, Aleatha and Joe instead of at a hotel. The kids had a fun time playing and feeding their bottle calves as well. :) The reunion went pretty well to. :) Honey did great in the car and is such a good traveller. The kids weren't too bad themselves as well!

Here's some shots of the kids playing at Aleatha's house with Cole and his cousin Lucy.

Then after the storms that kept us from going to Black Pines Animal Park as we'd planned, we took the kids to the park in town instead, and then came home and had some awesome steaks on the grill. :)

The Boys....

Then we came back to the house, ate and just before bed, went to feed the calves. Alex REALLY got a kick out of the week old calf sniffing his hand! :)

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