Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our blue blooded Hoosier girls- True Indy fans. :D

Katie has ALWAYS been a huge fan of the Indy Racing League cars, inspired by her daddy and his love for the races too. Plus, being in Indiana, you can't help it when you are right at the heart of racing with the Indianapolis Speedway.

So we'd just let Katie stay up and watch the Indy 500. I say just let her stay UP, because for everyone that's outside of the central Indiana area, you can watch the race live as it happens. Us central IN hoosiers have to wait for the showing to come on at 8pm, running to about 1am. We can listen to it on the radio, if you dont mind knowing who won, or you are dodging all radios and such until you watch it that night.

But anyway, we'd let Katie stay up to watch the race and amazingly she did indeed stay awake for the whole thing, even though she had a HARD soccer game that morning. So not too long after, Katie's best friend Leah came over for the afternoon to play and I'd ordered a memory foam mattress topper for our bed. It came in this huge rectangular box, of which within 10 seconds of getting the topper out of the box, the kids were asking for it to play with. (Mike keeps saying he's going to start a business of selling boxes as toys, as they are so much more popular with all of our kids than most other things! LOL!)

So with the box it became the "Racecar", decorated in true girl power, with flowers, complete with steering wheel and stick shifters and sponsorships (unfortunately, I don't think I got a picture of the finished product, what is below is the beginning stages):

Going around a "curve":

Alex being grumpy and NOT wanting his picture taken:

Miss Honey Bunny:

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