Thursday, June 19, 2008

A really good day in Indiana! :D

Today was awesome. Lots of good things happened and fun things to boot. :)

1. I got an I Love You Award! :D


Thanks Stacie! Love you too! :) Check out her blog at
Stacie's Madness

I'd like to pass this on to several people that I try to talk to regularly, if I don't though, they are dear to my heart though in all that they do! :)

Of course all of my Lucky Charms Friends

Shari in WI
Erin and Midnight
Stacey here in IN
Angela here in IN
Crystal in LA
Val in VA
Suzi- my partner in crime with InDBA. :) *We did it!!!!*

2. It was Disney REVEAL Day! A separate post is coming up about this, but as expected, girls were estatic. :)

3. The skylight in the bathroom is FINALLY done!!!! Woot Woot!!!! It was so worth the money spent and looks soooo good!

4. Major proud moment here for InDBA (Indiana Deaf Blind Assoc. ) We did the final siggys, wrote the check, and the application for the non profit status has been mailed off!!!!!! We did it!!!!!

5. I found the fabrics I was looking for last night and got one set of dresses made for the girls, and one set made for their dolls off the same fabric. Will work on more tomorrow. :) Another post coming up with pics on these. :)

Somehow I missed this picture from Father's day, so had to share:


Stacie said...

:) glad you could pass it along as well!

love the Honey picture!

Shari said...

Thanks, Kacie.

You make sewing sound so easy. Believe me, I'd take 2 hours and give up. I don't have a sewing machine, anyway.

Thanks for the award. :)

Good job with the nonprofit status for InDBA.