Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday- trash day and cleaning day!

Good Morning all!

Well the Trash truck has already run, so need go out and get the cans. :) Alex is still coughing, but not as bad now that he is up and moving about. Hopefully today will be a better PT'ing day. I think I smell a stinky diaper, so looks like he's already got that out of the way bright and early! ;)

Please say some prayers for Mike this morning, as he is at his second test at this moment and hoping to pass it for the upgrade to have his MCSE, not MCSA for server 2003. Will update once I hear on that.

Planning to work from the playroom on forward to the kitchen and dining room today. Going to go check that the bedrooms are picked up, but that shouldn't take too long after the cleaning I did yesterday.

We have today and tomorrow of swim lessons and then we'll get back to normal lives again with that! LOL! But then next week is spring break and then we have soccer practices on Wednesday nights after that!

Well, the stink is getting worse, so off to take care of that! Later!

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