Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Today was a fun one, with the kids and family. Katie got to go to the state championships last night. She had a BLAST there. :)

Today we went to Dad and Sue's for dinner and following a yummy spagetti dinner, we had an egg hunt for the kids. :) Honey wanted to help, but we kept her on leash so she'd let the kids find the eggs instead. ;)

Checking out the Loot....

Sophie on the back of the couch:

Honey with Margaret, Sophie, and Grandmother (Aunt Nancy through the window)

So after all the festivities, we walked back home, and Honey of course did an awesome job of guiding me home. :) It's so awesome the feeling of liberation that she brings. :) I definately count my blessings with her.

Have a joyous one!

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