Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Friday!!!! :D

Yay, it's Friday, and almost the weekend. Unfortunately, Alex seems to have a cold! ugh. He has a runny/stuffy nose and is super whiny and didnt hardly nap today. :( The plan for the evening is to rent a Wii game and fix pizza and try to do a family night, since our lives have been so insanely busy lately and unable to take some down time. Hopefully the girls are in better moods than he is...

My dog chat for the day... Well I took Honey out to break. After she did her business, I let her go in the back yard, to go pick up the 3-4 piles Mike said were over by the drive gates. I didnt realize she'd been going in the yard so have been trying to make sure I pick up behind her so that the yard stays cleaned up and not have to worry about it. So I pick up the deposits and put them in the designated trash can and Im ready to call Honey in. Well, since I'd gone in the yard from the front gate, I knew the back door was locked, so not like I could go in the back door with her. So needed to bring her out the gate and in through the garage. So doing a real quick scan about the side yard, I call her to COME! Mind you Im standing there with the gate open and I don't get any response. Usually, especially in the back yard, Honey will come running, full gallop at my call. So I call again, wondering what she's getting into if she's not answering me. just as I start to take off into the yard, I get a big nudge in the back of my hand from a wet nose. LOL! She'd already came out the gate and was standing there waiting for me. DOH! Talk about feeling pretty stupid! LOL! So close the gate, tell her to heel and we walk on inside, me with a pretty sheepish grin on my face...

So what is everyone's plans for the Easter Weekend? Right now we have family night for tonight, Mike has his soccer coach meeting tomorrow morning from 8-10am, then he's covering an on call until noon. Katie will be going with Uncle Mike downtown to the basketball game and spending the night. We'll probably go to the 5pm service and then come home and take it easy for the evening with just Meaghan and Alex. Sunday, Mike said something about going and helping out with services and we have dinner at Dad and Sue's at noon, with an egg hunt for the kids. :) No small group meeting this week, thankfully!

So Happy Easter everyone! Or Happy Purim to the Jewish! (I know it started last night- but late is better than never right?)

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