Thursday, March 20, 2008

Swim lessons for the girls

Swim lessons (check) :D

We had signed Katie up for swim lessons last fall, but she wound up getting sick the first week of the classes, missing a week of school too. So we pulled her out and got a refund on the class. So this spring, both Katie and Meaghan are old enough and able to go for lessons. Which has worked out well, as Meaghan has been much more open to the idea of it now.

I wanted to get them in classes, because we get to the pool oh so often (note sarcasm here). Seriously, I think we get to a pool maybe 2 times a year and that is at family reunions. And each of the times we'd gone so far, Meaghan has wanted practically NOTHING to do with the water. Even the baby pools where the water was only a foot deep. She'd spend most of the time walking about the baby pool and maybe kicking her feet in the water. So I was really worried about making sure our kids know how to swim, as you never know when you'll need to know it!

So we got the signed up and Meaghan has thoroughly surprised me! She's done very well and has been really cooperative about getting in the water. Sue has been taking them, though I went along Tues. night as Dad stayed here with Alex, since we had Katie's school program immediately following the lessons. I got to see Meaghan kick and float on her back in the water and she even jumped in holding the instructors hands! Yay!!!! Katie was doing well too, going along doing breast strokes and back strokes. They even had them go to the deep end and jump in feet first and then do thier strokes to the ladder. Katie said last night they actually had them dive in head first. :)

Here's a few pics from Tuesday night (I don't have many of Katie because she was on the other side of the pool and hard to get shots of):

Meaghan in the water:

Her feet:

Practicing Breast Strokes:

Floating on her back:

Katie in the water:

Meaghan jumping in:

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