Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sheesh, it's been a week already...

I cannot believe how fast the time goes by these days. It's already been almost a week since I've posted. How did that happen???

I do know that last week and this week was busy as usual. We had soccer practice on Wednesday, Katie had her Art Fair/book sale on Thursday, Friday, Alex and I went to a playdate where I got a nice sunburn that I'm still nursing. Mike kept the kids that night for me and I went to the Senorita Soiree with Anne Marie. :) That was pretty fun, as we had a good mexican dinner, made a cute straw hat magnet, tissue paper mexican flowers and I ran into an talked to a lot of people from Great Banquet, the Disabilities Ministry, bible study groups, and quite a few others too. :) With Honey, there's not much blending into the crowd anymore. LOL!

Then Saturday, we started the day early with Katie's Soccer team pictures at 8am, then her game at 9am. Gosh golly, I couldn't believe I was nursing a sunburn from Friday, and freezing to death on the soccer fields saturday morning. We were all wrapped in blankets, kids playing in hats and gloves and underarmor wear too.

The U10 Red Bulls are all age 8's instead of 8's and 10's together, because Mike had enough people request him as coach or people that requested to be on the same team as people that had requested him. And with the league, there wasn't enough 8's or enough 10's, so they combined the two age groups and tried to put a mix of both 8's and 10's on each of the teams. Well because of the requests, that didn't happen for Mike's team. But on the flip side, all of the kids on his team have played for Mike before and when they were all together before, they really bonded together and were an awesome team. Mike said the first game wasnt so hot, but this Saturday morning, they were on FIRE! They pounded the other team with both 8's and 10's with a score of 6-1.

Check out some pics of the game:



Then we ate lunch there between the games. Meaghan then had her team pictures and game, which thankfully it was starting to warm up a bit- not so much warm up, but the wind die down and not cut right through you.





So we all came home and Mike mowed the yard as the rest of us crashed after eating something and warming up.

Mom then came out with Karen to pick up the secretary that had been my grandma's. Such a beautiful piece of furniture, but we really didn't have the room for it. :( So she took it home with her and it's now out of Alex's room, so we can get a dresser in there for him, which he really needs now that he's getting bigger and into 3t/4t clothes at 2 1/2. It was really good to see Mom and Karen again, though I was in quite a daze.

We then went to church and afterwards went to Pizza King, a local pizza chain who have a train set that goes around and brings the drinks to the booth table. Dinner was good, except for Honey responding to the AC again. :( More on that in the next post...

Sunday we got up and cleaned house all day, in preparation for Bible study group that evening. We cleaned from top to bottom! LOL! But it's nice to really have a clean house now. :) We had fun Sunday night, grilled hamburgers, brats, and hotdogs and one other couple came. So there was LOTS of extra food that we are trying to finish up now, but thats ok, grilled stuff is always yummy! :)

Mike had to go in to work for the first implementation at 7pm, so Joe and Julie and I with the kids all played the Wii for the evening and had a lot of fun. The kids were up late, getting to bed about 9 instead of their usual 8pm time.

Yesterday Alex and I had a LAZY day... Serioiusly, we were both in our pj's until almost 2 in the afternoon. Mike came home early from work, from the extra time he had from the night before and he was like sheesh! LOL! He went over to the nursing home and worked out some details for his mom's Medicaid which we've FINALLY got the approval for! :D :D :D. So that's big load off the shoulders now that we know we are good financially for her and being in the nursing home and for meds and all.

So last night after dinner, Mike played the wii with Katie and the little ones and I read books together, taking turns as Alex and Meaghan each got to pick out a book going back and forth. Then it was time for bed before we knew it and I worked on knitting some "I Love You" in ASL dishrags to send off to Donald, our InDBA president for a fundraiser for this weekend's PTCO day at the Indiana School for the Deaf. Won't be able to make that, as Mike has to go in for work for the next implementation, but can at least send the stuff to Donald to try to sell as fundraising for InDBA. Alas, I conked out sitting up on the comfy couch, (which btw seems to happen a LOT now that we have this couch. LOL!) and woke up about 12:30 and meandered my way to bed.

Today was a fairly productive one, busy around the house and worked on several things. Fixed the jammy pants I had that had a seam starting to rip. Did the dishes, had the laundry going, cleaned up the bottle of mustard seed that Alex completely dumped out onto the floor *sigh* and made some contacts to work on Indba stuff that was needed.

I have to admit though, I've been in quite a funk lately though. With Mike being at work and so drained when he gets home, I guess we haven't really had the time for us to re-connect lately. It's been hard since he is so worn out, but then frustrating too at the same time, as all that I tend to hear is I'm tired and get that dull stare and what feels like a clam sitting across from me. I have noticed in the past too that when going through rough patches- be it work, stress, winter blues or what not, when we don't seem to get as much physical interaction, talking to each other and so forth, I tend to go in this funk and turn more to the computer in what I guiltily admit is probably resentment over it. It's not just with Mike though, this funk extends to all areas of home life, just feeling blah, depressed about my weight and the frustration of trying to get somewhere to do something about it and can't because of commitment to having three kids and picking up when Mike can't be here due to work and all that's going on right now. A little worried about things with Honey too- more to come on that in the next post, and just all in all, stressing when I need to just turn things over to Him. Ok, ok, I know, I just answered my own ramblings...

So I'll be back in a few with another post about Honey and then I need to go start planning for the 2009 InDBA retreat, so when I talk to Jill in the morning, I have something to work off of and see if I'm on the right track with it. So we can get things moving to start hammering that DB workshop out. :) Then back to the dishrags so I can get those out tomorrow/thursday to Donald.

Later all!

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