Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Proud Mama Moment!!! :)

We've always known that Katie has been exceptionally smart, she's reading well beyond her grade level and has been doing exceptionally well in school. We just weren't sure how well her math skills were for her to be in the advanced multi grade classes. She's always been in the advanced tracked classes for her grade, since she's been so far ahead in reading, and we were a little surprised to see she was placed in a regular class this year, though it was advanced. We figured it was because of the math stuff, since it doesn't seem to come easy to her, she has to work at it a bit.

However that was all blown out of the water with the letter we received from the school corporation today, as they did the testing earlier this month on the kids abilities and here is what we found out. :)

Dear Parents/Guardians:Greetings from your child's school district.
High ability placement identification Community School Corporation Elementary Schools has been completed.

The charts below summarize both your child's assessment results and the scheduling decisions based on that information.

Student's Score Required Score

NWEA Winter Reading Test 208 195
NWEA Winter Mathematics Test 200 192
Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test 137 122

Based upon this and other assessment data and upon a survey of the professional recommendations of your child's teachers, your child's classroom placement for next year is stated below.

Classroom Placement: MG

R = regular classroom • MG= high ability multi-grade classroom

High ability classrooms are designed for students who have advanced cognitive skills and advanced academic needs that are 1>2 to 2 years above grade level and demonstrate their need for higher academic expectations and a more independent classroom format. Children whose scores are near required scores for placement receive the appropriate academic challenge through the instructional differentiation efforts of their classroom teacher.

She has just done soooooo awesome and we are sooo proud of her! :)

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