Friday, September 12, 2008

Other things...painting, Dr's appt, & Partners in Policy making

Over the last few days I've been working on the Kids playhouse. We didn't get it finished last year before it turned cold on us, so we are working to finish it out before it does this year too. I have been painting the inside up, the ceiling, the walls, the floor and such. We used a primer paint and yesterday I did get the ceiling painted in the pink that we'd planned to use. I was hoping to get the outside all painted again, including the underside of the porch overhang, but the weather didn't cooperate, being that it started to rain on me as I was finishing up taping everything off. And thanks to Ike pushing fronts through, we are supposed to have pretty constant rains through Monday. So just hoping that the tape will stay put and last through until dry weather again. ;)

We also took Alex to the ENT for his 6 months follow up after being on Nasonex and Zyrtec through the summer. While it helped immensely, Alex is still running a track record of sinus issues every other month that he's had since he was 6 months old.

So we are now looking at getting the works done for him on September 29th. He'll be having outpatient surgery for the following:

1. Tubes- for EI's
2. Adenoidectomy - for enlarged tonsils & remove the adenoids that are blocking the eustachian tubes.
3. Turbine reduction of all 3 sections - everyone has 3 ridges on the insides of thier noses and his are all large and thus blocking air flow into his nose, so going to shrink them so that air flow is what it should be and help minimize sinus infections.

4. Allergy testing- do it while he's sedated to find out what his triggers are.

They said the surgery will take about an hour to do, he'll be sedated, and they'll keep him for observation for about 2-3 hrs until he's up and moving around on his own, then we'll be able to go home. He will be out of commission for about a week and will be on pain medications for the adenoid removal. We'll probably keep him home that day and the day after and then send him back to preschool on Wednesday, depending on how he's doing. He won't be doing soccer at all that week though.

So fun, fun, with the upcoming Great Banquets, surgery AND I was accepted into the Partners in Policy making program for this year!!!! :D

Indiana Partners in Policy making

Here is a link to the national program, which has online classes too.

National Partners in Policy making

So I will be doing classes for that here locally once a month and I'm really looking forward to learning how to advocate for myself and for Deaf Blind here in Indiana! :)

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