Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Home!!!! :D

Everything went really well. :) Alex did great with all the pre-op stuff and went back with the nurse as they asked him to do and all. They said he did well with holding the gas mask and only cried just a little bit when they actually held it on him to make him go to sleep. Dr. Phillips came out and talked to us and said all went really well and he did have quite a bit of stuff behind the ears, so drained all of that.

Recovery, however was a little rough. They didn't get the recovery IV in him before he woke up and the battle of 4 nurses trying to hold him down and put it in/keep it in was won by Alex, but at the cost of he was royally ticked off and did not want to cooperate with anyone. He was hurting and didnt want anyone to touch him. The came and got us and as soon as he saw me he reached out for me and even for Mike and I, he wouldnt let us anywhere near his mouth. The nurses were apoligizing that they were afraid he may have a bruise from them trying to keep the IV in.

So they cleared the room, turned the lights down, and it was just Mike and I with him and tried to get him to calm down. We tried to get him to drink some juice, put some crushed up popsicle in his mouth, and asked him to just flat out take the medicine and he just completely refused it all. After an hour and a half of trying to coax him, we finally just took the hard approach and I held him down, Mike squirted the medicine in his mouth a small bit at a time. The nurse seemed really relieved that we took charge and made hiim do it, as they were really worried because the bottom line was he had to drink something before he could go home. And until he took the medicine, the chances of drinking something were very slim to none.

So after we got the medicine in him, within 15 minutes he started settling down and the nurse left the room, sitting outside our room, and Mike and I continued to talk to him. We could see him come down and when he started watching winnie the pooh on the tv instead of writhing around, we knew he was starting to feel better. Then Mike started doing some high fives with him and different things, which he started to respond to and take part in as well. Then Mike started playing a hide and seek game with Alex with his glasses- take a drink of your juice and I'll show you my glasses, and he did it. Once he did that, there was no turning back, he realized the juice felt really good and was all over it. Mike told him we were opening the door and the nurse was able to see him drinking his juice and everyone cheered as he drank the glass dry! :D

Then he was obviously starting to feel better, as he then downed 2 popsicles and let the nurse come in and take his temp and his vitals. At that point we were free to come home!

So he's on a codeine pain killer that we know that we HAVE to make sure we keep him on round the clock for the first couple of days and we got home and he's inhaled a large banana, a sandwich and a half of Peanut butter and Jelly, and drank 2 more glasses of grape drink, to my amazement! Soe he's doing well! :)

Thank you for all of your prayers, Pleas just pray for a speedy recovery now. :) We go back for his follow up in 4 weeks.

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