Thursday, September 18, 2008

Men's Great Banquet #9 starts! :)

Tonight we will be taking two guys to Great Banquet to start their weekends, of which we hope will be life changing for them. :)

Our college friend and his wife are coming out for dinner, then she'll be able to say her goodbye and we'll whisk him away to the church. It's a spiritual retreat where all outside distractions are removed for you, no watches, no computers, no phones, no cell phones, no outside contact, and you are PAMPERED and catered to all weekend. All the distractions are removed so you can focus on God and your relationship with him. It is quite an awesome weekend, and if you haven't been through it, I highly encourage you to contact a Great Banquet community in your area to see about going through it. :)

Gotta run! Dinner is almost ready and it's about time to watch God work his Glory! :)

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