Thursday, September 11, 2008

The annual Labor Day Weekend O'Connor Birthday Gathering

For the last several years, since we have so many August birthdays, we have met up on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend to have one big party for all of the birthdays.

We have the following birthdays that we celebrate:

Aunt Nancy- Aug 9th
Alex- Aug 23rd
Katie and Uncle Mike- Aug 25th
Dad- Aug 28th
Sue- Sept. 15th

So we have the cookout and all enjoy a day of usually good weather, good food, and lots of presents, and listen to the drag nationals going on not too far off in the distance.

Alex started with his presents:

Then Katie opened hers, which was many night gowns, since she's been whining for a good while that she didn't have night gowns. She better not complain now! I think everyone bought her nightgowns! LOL!

Alex playing with his Diego vehicle:

One of Dad and Sue's papillons:

Their other papillon:

Aunt Nancy looking at the scrapbook album I made for her:

Sue and Aunt Nancy looking at their albums:

Dad and Sue:

Dad modeling his apron from Grandmother:

Grandmother telling Katie a story:

Grandmother and Grandma Roberts:

We LIKE our Diego toy!

Katie with the bubble gun:

Meaghan and Aunt Nancy:

The kids and the end of the day:

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