Monday, February 9, 2009

Ok I give up, I'm not going to be able to catch up as I've wanted to, so here's a quick run down of the last couple of months

But first here is a picture of my munchkins:

Meaghan on the left with her new mp3 player, tray on her lap, Alex in the middle with a tray on his lap and surprised look on his face, then Katie on the right with the lap desk. All three eating thier lunch the black loveseat.

Kids were home for Christmas break
The week of January 14th- Alex was home SICK the whole week.
We also got LOTS of snow that week
The weekend of January 17th/18th, all FIVE of us were sick with the same thing Alex had all week long. That was a LONG weekend! Nobody went anywhere...
Jan. 21- Rei and I did guide dog presentations at Allisonville Elementary school with Suzi and Clara and thier dogs. :)
Jan. 23- Rei and I did a guide dog presentation to Alex & Meaghan's preschool.
Went to the vet and have determined that Rei has an allergy to Chicken. Do you know how difficult it is to find dog food w/o chicken in it in some form??? You can, but it's usually $50 for a 30lb bag of dog food!
Had girls night in with the kids and Guys poker night out.
Weekend of January 23rd/24th- Mike worked on the girls closet, got them
More snow!
Monday, January 26th- I got my letter of APPROVAL for SSDI!!!! Whoooooo HOOO!
Wed, Jan. 28th, the SNOWSTORM! We got 13 1/2 inches of snow in less than 24 hrs. Thankfully we didn't get all the ice that neighboring states and to the south of us got. Sooo, we had one snow day and 3-4 2 hr delays.

Feb. 2nd- went to the local Social Security office and got approval for SSDI benefits for the kids! Whoo Hoo!
Feb. 4th- went to Katie's school and did a guide dog presentation with Clara and her dog to all of the 3rd grade classes and to Katie's High Ability 2/3rd grade class
Feb. 6/7th- Went to Partners session, where we bussed down to the state house and met and talked/learned about a panel of lobbyists and how to give testimony on the floor of hearings.

This week:
Tuesday night- Great Banquet meeting: commission the teams and hoping to have Men's weekend bags all sewn up by then.

Wednesday- Meeting with Deborah for lunch and to discuss March disabilities awareness project at church. Meaghan goes to Grandma and Grandpa's for the evening

Thursday- HOPEFULLY a trip to the state house to testify for the service dog bill. Mike works at the church with the IT guy until 6pm.

Friday- BUSY DAY!
annual appt with the eye specialist (NOT looking forward to this, I know my vision has really gone down.)
Hoping for Lunch out for Mike's bday and V day at Fogo de Chao
Come home and meet Katie after 1/2 day at school
3:45pm- get our taxes done
Pick up Meaghan and Alex at preschool.

Saturday: Valentines Day- CRAZY Day!
Katie has basketball from 10:45-11:45
Bday party for Mike and Meaghan with Chili lunch at 12:30pm
Leave for the church for Katie's Baptism 3:30
Katie's Baptism at 4:15
Church service 5pm
come home and crash

Sunday: Try to recooperate
Mike goes in to work for a couple of hours in the morning
Afternoon- Girls go with Sue to Sue's Mom's house to have a tea party with thier American Girl dolls. Mike and I clean up the aftermath of the birthday party
Bible study at 6pm

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