Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer is here!

With the onset of Spring/Summer, that means soccer, bikes, and outdoor fun!

Soccer began after Spring break and both KT and AC have stayed with soccer. MD has moved to gymnastics and is doing very well there!

KT at practice about to kick the ball in mid stride:

Rei intently watching MD on the playground not too far away:

MD at the bottom of the tunnel slide with a sweet smile on her face:

Of course then comes the bikes!

AC on his bike with cool blue helmet, Colt's jersey, blue sunglasses, & all!

Close up of AC looking up at the camera:

Rei laying in the grass, looking right at the camera, tied out on a long red lead:

Boys will be Boys! AC up in the crab apple tree!

Close up profile shot of Rei watching AC off in the distance:

AC bent over and smelling the Lone Red Tulip along the property line:

AC squatting down and investigating pine cones on the ground under the big pine tree:

We all enjoy the good weather and are so blessed with God's vibrant colors and beauty!

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