Monday, September 3, 2012

Whoa, how could I forget this too...

Let's back up to May again. Chris Chadd- KT's teacher that is training Laney, also wanted to do the Mini Marathon with Julie G and I. I had inadvertently opened my big mouth last year and told Julie and was going to see my committment through.
However this year proved to be very difficult in training as we started out the year with such horrible weather and lots of ice. It made things very difficult for Rei and I to get out and walk along with AC being here at home with me, so we got a very late start on training. :( We did get some miles in and I worked on at least getting the longer miles in as we got closer and closer to May.
So we did do the race and finished it again, but BARELY in time. The last few miles were with excruciating pain and burning in both of my feet, as the hammer toes and bunion toes, and as I've since found out- a Neuroma of the nerves in my feet too were not happy with me. We crossed the finish line together and made it the full 13.1 miles! Woot!
Here were are crossing the bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It had just rained enough to get everyone wet and then the sun came back out, so we are wet people with wet dogs. LOL! Thankfully though it was another overcast and cool day for the dogs too! God was sooooo good to me both years!
Kacie & Rei and Chris and Laney crossing the Bricks at the IMS Speedway
Kacie and Rei on the left and Chris and Laney on the right, both dogs first paw forward touching the row of bricks across the track.

Here we are as we are rounding the turn down pit road and about to head off the track. Chris is on the left looking forward and Laney looking at the camera. Kacie in front looking foward and Rei leading.

On the home stretch and about to finish- Kacie with backpack and handed coat off to Mike and the kids on the sidelines. Rei moving on forward with the end in sight!

Crossing the finish line with our official time. Kacie on the left looking down at Laney and Chris looking over at Rei. Rei and Laney looking forward and as if to say, Who gave these crazy nuts the idea to do this thing??? LOL!

At church we had a family fun picture day and it had been several years since we'd had a faimly picture taken. Our all time favorite picture has been of the girls and us in Colts jerseys, so since everyone currently has one, we decided to give it a try again and we were very happy with the picture we got- that was taken by Mr. Wayne Brown of Wayne Brown Imaging

Here you can see our family, including Rei peeking through a large frame:

Here is a fun face shot of AC, Rei, and I together- he was being silly and took a picture of us:

Also as I mentioned- Mike took KT to the Indy 500 for the first time this year, here is KT giving her ticket to go into track:

HUGE crowds that day, and here is a shot of corner 4? I believe? Lots of people filled the stands that day:

July continued to see us hopping and moving, as we went to Bub's Burgers on July 3rd and Mike and I took part in the burger challenge there. Goodness- WHAT was I thinking! LOL!

MD is still doing gymnastics and has moved up to the competition team and level three as of July.  Here she is at the promotion celebration.

Late July and early August brought us a record breaking wave of heat where we had 23 days of 90+ degree days, in which the heat indexes were up on the 100's. HOT HOT HOT! The kids like to watch the squirrels out the picture window and this little guy was showing us how hot it was too- as he sprawled out on the branch as flat as he could, trying to stay cool in the bit of shade he'd found:

Mike and I are still leading our bible study group, which we long to see each week and reconnect with God too- bringing us that accountability too through the week.  Our Groupies are the best!
Alrighty, back to 2012! GRINS!