Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finishing off the Year 2012

Ok, back to 2012...

May was a VERY busy month for us!  

We had Pup Putt- which KT and her group did two holes this year, the one being the John Wassen Memorial Hole, which was dedicated to Mr. Wassen's life.
Then as Mom, I had three field trips on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday with each kids!  Rei sure got a workout that week!

First up was AC and his class to downtown Indy and the Zoo!

Then was MD's clas to the Brownsburg Challenger Space Center to learn all kinds of neat things about missions to the moon.

Then we travelled with KT's class to the IN State Museum.  

All three days were loads of fun and very enjoyable, but this sure was one pooped Mom and Pup by the end of the week!

We quickly went into June busy with multiple gymnastics and AAU basketball practices for the girls and found ourself into July before we knew it.\

July brought new things for us, and unbearable hot weather and a drought the hit the Midwest with record breaking heat.   

First our family tried out the new rock wall climbing place called The Crag, and absolutely LOVED it.  Especially KT and AC, who shimmied up every wall in the place.   

July was also our annual trip to TN for the Whitehead family reunion and this year we had a little added bonus, that Rei's puppy raiser was actually free this year to get together as well!

The Whitehead reunion this year saw a lot of kids and all of them played together well and had a good time even with the heat outside.    There were games, lots of food, and lots of chatting too amongst all the adults.
We also got to visit with Rei's puppy walker, Erin and her current guide dog puppy in training, David.   He was quite a handful at this time but she's an excellent raiser!

August saw the kids going back to school with KT in her first year of middle school in 6th grade, MD in 3rd grade, and AC in 1st grade.