Monday, December 30, 2013

Day 11 addendum- Nov. 7th

Ok I forgot to add too, that we had our evening lecture and then a good friend, Maria La Malfa, a breeder caretaker for Siena, black lab female, came and picked me up for the evening.   We went to Starbucks to get a peppermint mocha and then went to Maria's house so I could love on Siena since I wasn't allowed to get down in the floor and love on Boomer like that yet.    I could love on Boomer, but in establishing the bond with him and that I was to maintain control and that he is to look to me for direction, I wasn't to get down on the floor and such with him yet.  

So we got to Maria's house, which by the way is gorgeous!!! :)   Siena greeted us as we came in and as I sat on the floor loving on Siena, Maria and I talked for hours together.   It was good to get out and talk to so someone without the pressure of the whole training atmosphere and such.    we talked so late it was nearly 1am before I got back to campus and crawled into bed and crashed hard!   I knew I was gonna be dragging the next day for sure! LOL!