Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to School/First Day of School for MD!

This year, MD started Kindergarten and as a walker, she was VERY excited to get to walk to school with KT. She's been anticipating this all summer long. :)

So here are the girls in the bathroom getting ready and joking around. KT is helping MD get her shoes on and tied:

Then we went outside to get some shots of the girls with thier new backpacks on and so forth. Here are the girls together:

Here is KT with her purple back pack on, tie dye shirt, jean shorts, and crocs to my dismay...

And here is MD in her pink back pack, pink sweater, jean shorts, and tennis shoes:

We then took off for the school, as I walked with them on this first day to make sure MD was ok for the send off. Here we go:

Off down the sidewalk:

Turning onto the walk path between our neighborhood and the school:

I then leave them with the crossing guard as she escorts them across the street and they head on to the school:

I met them that evening at the crosswalk and MD was just babbling at all the fun she'd had that day and has sincerely enjoyed "K" each day she goes since. :)

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