Friday, September 11, 2009

HB1603 Becomes a Law!!! - Official Signing Ceremony

After much work, networking, and anticipation, we saw the HB1603 become a law, effective July 1st, 2009. While it took a little while, we were able to arrange a photo session and signing of a copy of the new law with Gov. Mitch Daniels.

We started out by patiently waiting out in the hallway until we were called in. My Aunt and Uncle watched the girls and even took them upstairs to walk around and browse about the State House as Rei and I were with the other teams and waiting our turn.

Aunt N, took this overhead shot of all of the teams circled around and talking with Rep. Leonard, auther of the bill:

Before we knew it, we were called into Gov. Daniels office and Aunt N and KT came in with us. It was pretty awesome as KT was the only child there and after saying hellow to each handler and petting each dog, Gov Daniels saw KT in the back of the room and walked up to her and asked her how she was doing and if the dogs were important to her. He asked her if she was reading books over the summer and KT told him yes. Then he asked her what she's been reading and if she made good grades. She emphatically responded yes to the good grades and that she's been reading the Harry Potter series over the summer and really enjoyed them. The look on her face was priceless, even though I was unable to hear what was being said- as I was completely across the room. It was one of pure suprise and awe that someone of such importance was talking with her. :)

Gov. Daniels then signed the copy of the Law and we did some photos with their publicity people for the news. Here are a few shots of the group, with Rep Leonard and Gov. Daniels behind us all in the middle of the group.

Here is the group outside of Gov. Daniels office chatting with Rep. Leonard about the bill, it's success, and the other part of the bill that was discussed but not adressed- the transportation issues for people with service animals and getting into paratransit vans. Rep. Leonard said he was looking to work on this bill with next year's session and Gary and I both offered our help with this too, just to let us know.

Clara and I talking with our dogs saying Hi! too. :)

I soon said my goodbyes to the group, as the girls were getting impatient and bored with all of the standing around, so took off and headed home and marvelling at the succes of what a group of poeple can do when determined. :)


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