Thursday, April 30, 2009

HB1603 IN Service Dog Bill is on the Gov's desk to become Law!!! :D

I wanted to give the final update that the House has concurred and approved the Senate Amendments on HB1603! This means it is officially on the Governor's desk to sign into law and is now an Enrolled act! :D

Here are the actions from the last few days!

04/27/2009 H House concurred in Senate amendments; Roll Call 523: Yeas 89, Nays 0
04/28/2009 H Signed by the Speaker
04/29/2009 S Signed by the President Pro Tempore

Here is the link to the enrolled act itself:

Thank you EVERYONE for your help, emails, phone calls, and just support in general on moving this bill through Indiana legislation! :D

Please share the good news and since we have requested a signing ceremony, will update when we know that is. :)

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