Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meaghan starts Gymnastics!

Meaghan has made it real clear that she didn't want to play soccer anymore, but that she wanted to try gymnastics. So we agreed to find her a place to go and with talking to a good handful of parents, we were pointed to the same place by most.

Meaghan started on spring break week while Katie was in Washington DC with Grandma and Grandpa. We were curious to see how she did since they had all of the equipment you see in gymnastics and given Meaghan's fear of heights that has been subsiding, but still present.

The first night, they did a lot of stretching on the floor and some skips and such, and then they did some stuff on the uneven bars. I just know that Meaghan came out of there grinning from ear to ear, having had a BLAST!

Here is a video of Meaghan starting out on the parallel bars working to do a spin around the bar, then moving to the other bar and kicking her feet up to the bar, then moving to the uneven bars and trying to kick both feet up to the bar and back down.

Then here is a video of Meaghan doing a complete round of exercieses, starting off with a head stand against the wall, a backwards somersault, a frontwards somersault, and then a cartwheel.

Here is a short video of Meaghan hopping around in excitement and happiness, babbling of how she had such a good time. :)

We came on home and there was an awesome sunset that night which I was able to get some really cool pictures of over the houses and treeline across from us to the west.

The colorful hues of orange and yellow against the shadows of night were astonishingly amazing and I stood there in awe and God's wonderous pictures across the sky.

Then the next week, Meaghan's gymnastics class did work on the beams, working on a very low beam and on the tall beam as well. For us, this was going to be a true test of how well the instructor worked with kids, because were it Mike or I, we would not be able to get her to walk across a high beam.

Here is a picture with her arms out for balance and walking across the low beam.

And guess what she does on the High Beam! She walks half way across it, turns around and walks the rest of the way backwards! I am soooo proud of her!

The following week they get to play on the trampoline! Man I wonder if she had a sore butt after all that bouncing on her behind!

Then this week they worked on floor activties. They started with a head stand against the wall, a somersault down a wedge, then a cartwheel, then running and jumping on a vault pad to the floor, hopping over a set of small hurdles, and then running and jumping on a vault pad to a large pad that is higher than the vault pad. Goodness, no wonder Meaghan is sleeping so good on Monday nights now! LOL!

So keep in tune and we'll update with the fun next Monday from Meaghan's Gymnastics class!

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