Friday, November 20, 2009

Halloween 2009

So this year Halloween fell on a Saturday, which made it nice for not having to be up and going or anything the next morning.

In our house, it's a rule that the kids can't go trick or treating until they are 5 yrs old. It's a rule initiated by hubby, but we follow it. So this year, MD get's to go TRT for the first time. :)

Since during the Halloween party the weekend before, MD had issues with tripping and the mermaid costume being too long, she was all for wearing the pirate girl dress that had been KT's in the past. Plus, it allowed for matching black and red sweats to go underneath and keep her quite warm too as it was a cool night, but perfect for TRT.

So here's Hubby the Soccer Coach, MD the Pirate girl, and KT that is Hermoine Granger again under our archway in the front yard:

The girls- Wand and sword in hand and pointing at the camera, ready to go:

So the girls and Hubby took off at 6pm to start going through the neighborhood. AC stayed home with me to hand out the jars of Play Doh that we'd bought to hand out. Since we didn't get any good pics of him at the party, I was able to talk him into posing for me here on Halloween night, so we could see him in his Scooby Doo costume. :)

AC with the bowl of Play Doh and watching for TRT's coming:

AC patiently waiting in his chair, as the bulk of the crowd came between 6pm and 7pm:

As it became dark and became cooler, AC and I headed inside to hand out goodies. AC watched it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and we hung out for a while as there weren't too many more TRT's.

I did step out and take a few night shots of the pumpkins lighted up with the candles and here's a few:

And AC decides he doesn't want his picture taken anymore so we are done for the night and he's sulking on the couch at me for taking it anyway.

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