Friday, November 20, 2009

Trip to the Park!

Since Miss J was staying with us for the weekend and the weather was absoulutely BEAUTIFUL compared to what it had been earlier in that week, we decided to take the kids to the park and let them blow off some pent up steam.

So we head to the park and had a picnic dinner together too before we headed home for bible study for the evening.

KT up in one of the forts looking down:

Miss J and MD looking down too:

AC ran into a friend from preschool and here's the two of them trying to decide where to hide next, as all the kids were playing Hide N Seek:

MD checking something out in one of the other peaks:

Then they all went to the Tire Swing- Miss J in the swing and MD talking with her:

AC- the boy that never stops when awake! LOL!:

MD & Miss J on the tire swing, KT pushing them:

A video of Miss J, AC, and KT on the tire swing and Hubby gets in on the action and pushes them- a bunch of laughing, giggling kids. LOL!

Then it was nearing time for dinner, so we went over to the shelter house and despite the buzzing bees, we ate PB & J with some Apples and juice.

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