Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soccer End of Season for KT & Hubby~

So we came to the end of the soccer season in mid October. It was a good weekend, other than as Hubby was warming up with the kids, he went to stop a ball and one foot went on the ball and the other didn't plant. Needless to say, hubby went down like in the cartoons- someone slipping on the banana peel. Bad part was, hubby fell with his elbow turned in and right into his ribs.

Results- trip to the dr, x-rays to confirm bruised, not broken ribs, and some really good drugs for a week.

Soccer season- Kids did well and each got thier trophies from Coach at the end:

KT getting her trophy from Coach/Hubby

Hubby with his team:

KT and Daddy in front of the trailer with the big soccer ball on it:

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