Friday, October 16, 2009

Ornery Puppy!

So I posted about Rei liking to sit on the couch.

Each morning we have our routine we usually follow. Hubby gets AC up and ready for school on his own. Then Hubby comes in and wakes me up- if Rei hasn't done so already. I will unhook her off the tie down from beside my side of the bed and call her up on the bed. She jumps up and we'll spend a good 20 mins or so cuddled up together and usually rubbing her belly.

I'll then ask her if she's ready and she starts to spin circles on the bed, hopping all around in excitement, knowing that she's about to be fed. I get up and when I get my hearing aids and glasses on, she takes a flying leap off the bed and runs for the playroom. I'm usually greeted there with a nose to the floor and butt up in the air, tail wagging fiercely- or rather I should say nearly her whole rear end wagging and as I get closer she starts to hop around on all fours straight up in the air in excitement.

We then go into the laundry room, where she assumes her position of sitting by the back door and I'll scoop out the food and meds she gets each day, as she sits there waiting for the command to come eat- drooling from both sides of her mouth. LOL!

Now on days that one of the kids are home- she follows them and I around as I'm not usually able to settle down to the computer or crawl back in bed for a few more Z's before starting my day. However, on the days that it's just the two of us, the morning is usually started with an Ornery Puppy!

The Ornery Puppy comes out as I sit down to the computer to check email and the puppy wants to play. Rei invariably tears down the hallway to AC's room and will grab one of the several stuffed animals that he has. Each night he will choose one animal to sleep with and the rest go under his bed, leaving quite an array of critters for Rei's choosing.

Rei has shown a particular liking for this white bunny that he really likes as well. So we have this ongoing battle of making sure she doesn't tear a hole in it, in her antics to get my attention to play with her... which is after she has acquired the bunny/bear/monster (usually the bunny) she RUNS back to the playroom and is tossing it up in the air, rolling over on her back, butt in the air some more just taunting me to try to come get it from her. STINKER!

So on this particular morning that I took these pictures, she didn't get too much response out of me and she wasn't too aggressive about it, so she quickly moved to the couch and in her usual position to look out the window. I turned around to see if she'd finished with the bunny and if I'd be able to get it w/o rewarding her antics with my attention and thought this site was too cute so took some pics of her.

Rei looking out the window, bunny laying on the top of the couch right beside her:

A close up of the same shot:

On the couch:
And here is a video from a few days later of her with another of one of AC's toys:

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