Friday, October 16, 2009

Labor Day weekend- Familiy birthday party

Every year since we have multiple members of the family with August birthdays- including my kids, we have one big birthday bash with dinner to celebrate. :)

This year Dan brought Honey with him since they were calling for thunderstorms so he didn't want to leave her at home alone. It was great to get to see her and the kids were all over her too. :)

Here's my kiddos (L-R: AC, MD, and KT)

Honey sitting at Dan's feet:

KT opening gifts:

Ms. Honey quietly laying on the floor:

KT with a new school dress:

AC's turn to open gifts:

Grandma helping AC read a card:

MD reading the book that she got while the others are opening presents:

AC LOVES dinos and was grinning ear to ear with his new dino book:

Grandma's turn to open presents!

Grandpa's turn:

AC giving Honey a big ole hug!

MD giving her a hug too!

Honey is enjoying the attention!

KT chilling out:

Family watching the gifts being opened:

A sweet picture of AC hugging Honey and she's just soaking it all up laying on the floor. :)

One last present for KT- a new bike from Grandma and Grandpa:

KT trying out the new bike after changing:

Dan and Honey watching the action:

The Guys all talking:

The dogs and all waiting for KT to come back on the bike:

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