Thursday, October 15, 2009

New dining room table/game table!

For a long time we have gone back and forth on what to do with our dining room. The rectangular shaped table just hasn't fit well in the space we have, as the dining room is almost square- given the walk path that we have going from the garage to the kitchen.

Plus with Hubby's expanding woodworking skills, he decided to take on a new level of a project and decided to build us a Poker/Game table from the New Yankee Workshop plans for their poker table and then add a top to the table for it to double as our dining room table as well.

The table being an octagon, will fit the 11' x 10' room we have much better and the table has a 4' diameter to it, leaving plenty of room around it for furniture and walks space too. Hubby took the week off before Labor Day weekend and began the project then.

Since we decided to go this route, the opportunity to re-home our existing dining room table and chairs quickly presented itself to a friends relative that was in need of it, so for the summer this has been our set up- though we now have both card tables set up side by side:

Since things were very busy- I didn't think to take pictures of Hubby building the pedestal part of the table, so really the pics start after he built the pedestal and had started on the top.

Hubby building the outer edge of the top of the table:

A good view of the pedestal part of the table:

Outer Edging of the base of the table done:

Hubby has built the individual chip boxes and they are setting on the table top:

Hubby has added the outer edging to the base of the table and beads down the base of the table:

Actually screwing down the base of the table top to the pedestal:

Chip boxes now fastened in place:

My proud Hubby trying it out:

Hubby has cut and added the supports and corner pieces between the chip boxes:

Have cut the "top" for the table and here it is sitting on there w/o any edging:

Now about this time since the table was taking shape, we started looking at oak chairs to go with our table. we looked on the Internet and at various local unfinished and finished furniture stores and pretty much all of the Oak chairs we found were running about $80-$90 per chair. putting us well beyond our budget range for completing the table. So we began watching Craigslist and came across an ad for 6 oak chairs for $125 for the set. We figured for sure they were gone or were in bad shape, but because they were located nearly an hour from us and way out near the IN/IL state line, amazingly they were still available.

After exchanging emails and seeing some pictures of the chairs, we had fallen in love with them and were really feeling like it was too good to be true. Hubby made the hour long drive and God had blessed us greatly with the access to 6 BEAUTIFUL double pressed back solid oak chairs that were in IMMACULATE condition. He brought them home and they are now sitting at the card tables- awaiting the new table's completion. :)

However we did have to put them to the table and see how they'd look:

Hubby working on cutting the edging for the table "top" and in the process of assembling it. We had some delay getting to this point as we had to acquire a round over bit to be able to make the type of edging that we wanted to see on the table. :)

Hubby working on attaching the edging:

The top sitting on the table and hubby trying it out with the new chairs:

Hubby has built the substrate and it is sitting in place ready to have the closed cell foam and speed felt that we ordered to put on it attached. :) We'll attach this once the staining process is completed.

Hubby has puttied the top itself and hopefully tomorrow night will be able to finish doing the putty on the rest of the table as well. Then this weekend we are hoping for him to be able to complete the sanding begin the actual staining process, staining in a Golden Oak color to match the chairs. :)

I cannot wait!!!! :D

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