Friday, October 16, 2009

Sept. 10th- MD loses her first tooth!

MD has been completely different than KT in this regard- as her new permanent teeth have been coming in behind the baby tooth and almost pointing inward. After a trip to the dentist in worries that the baby one wasn't working it's way out properly and because the new one was pointing inward, we received the reassurance needed that the baby tooth would indeed make it's way out like it should and that the new tooth would move forward into place.

So we'd been wiggling and tugging and trying to work the baby tooth loose without much ado, as MD was NOT receptive to having it messed with. So Hubby had tried to see it and it had finally came loose to the point that the back of the tooth was out but it was still attached in the front. MD was home and as we were eating lunch she began to cry that it was hurting after biting into her PB & J sandwich. I told her to come to me and let me take a look. As I took a hold of the tooth, she jerked her head back and out came the tooth! LOL!

The tooth in MD's hand:

The not-so-toothless grin since the other one was mostly in by this point:

The tooth fairy came for a visit that night, leaving two shiny new quarters in place of the tooth. :)

Now a month later- in late October, the tooth right beside the first one to come out is in the same situation- the permanent one coming in behind and the baby one working its way loose, so here we go again!

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