Friday, October 16, 2009

MMMMMMMM Apple Pie! :)

With fall brings apples in season. :)

Great Banquet weekends were in full force and for the Men's weekend the head of Kitchen had requested of the community if they would bake some homemade apple pies for desert for one of the meals to be served.

I emailed asking if they still needed pies, but because it was very close to the weekend itself, I had Hubby go ahead and buy the stuff I needed to make multiple pies and at worst I put them in the freezer for us to use later on.

Sooo, I started off with a recipe for the crust from a good friend of mine. She linked me to this and goodness it was easy to make and soooooooo good! Definitely one to go in the recipe book for me!

Then I used the filling recipe from another good friend which was:

7 medium apples
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. salt

And here is what we wound up with:

The process:

All of the apples peeled and cut up:

Pie crusts ready to go:

Filled Pies:

Pie with it's lattice topping:

Covered the others with foil and put in the freezer for later:

We baked one that day for Grandma's Birthday:

The aftermath of baking.... I think this is the messiest I've EVER been! LOL!

Rei even got in on the pie stuff- trying to help with cleaning up the flour that seemed to be EVERYWHERE!

Flour on Rei's nose and head (there's some on her rump too) from being there to "help" LOL!:

Also- Hubby asked me to bake the Carmel pie that was with the crust recipe so we made that one for him. While it was good, the pie itself was very soupy:

So all in all, I made a total of 6 pies in 2 days and we have 2 left in the freezer. Hubby ate the caramel one, kids and I ate the first one we baked, then Grandma got one, and then we took one to a get together with friends a couple of weeks later. The pie thawed very nicely and was GOOOOOOOOD!

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