Friday, October 16, 2009

Guide dog on the furniture or no....

Ok so I know the rules that you shouldn't let the dogs on the furniture, however I'll be honest. Rei only gets up on 2 pieces of furniture in our house- one being the leather couch in front of the big picture window in the playroom and the second being our bed.

I won't complain on this since she knows she's not to get up on any of the furniture and hasn't ever really tried to. She also doesn't try to get up on other people's furniture when we go places so I'll let her continue with this.

With the couch though- she makes me laugh often as she gets up on the couch and sits much like a person would sit, but facing backwards and then places her head on the back of the couch and will spend hours sitting there watching things going by, birds fluttering around and so forth! She's quite a dormant dog throughout most of the day when the kids are at school but good golly, watch out when they get home! :D

Here's some snapshots of Rei on the couch and some with MD too. :)

Rei sitting on the couch but looking at the camera:

MD with her arms around Rei- who is looking out the window at something going by:

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