Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween is coming!!!

With the end of September comes the talk about Halloween, Halloween costumes, and the annual party we have here at our house- always the Saturday before Halloween.

This year the kids were pretty set on their costumes already so they must have been thinking about it already. KT wanted to be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, which didn't surprise me as she read completely through 4 of the HP books this summer and is working her way through the 5th one right now. So I found the Gryfindor robe on eBay for a lot less than most places were asking for it and ordered the tie for her as well. Luckily one of our small group friends has a wand she'll be able to use with it and she'll fill out the rest of the costume with clothes she already has.

MD is our girly girl so she wanted to be a mermaid this year. I found her a mermaid costume and went ahead and splurged for it since I'd bought KT a whole new costume last year. So ordered the costume and boa for MD and of course as soon as it came in she had to try it on:

It's a little long on her so I've pinned up the middle section, bringing the tail of the dress up just under the chest piece easily, thus shortening it for this year.

AC- Man he's our easy one. Last year he insisted on being a Ladybug, for whatever reason. Actually, he's always had and still has this fascination with ladybugs, especially real ones, which are abundant outdoors right now. So we were able to easily fit him with black pants, a red shirt, and some red wings with black spots last year. Super easy!

Then this year he said he wanted to be Scooby Doo! Low and behold- KT had worn a Scooby Doo costume at this same size and we still have it, which he is absolutely beside himself with the garage sale bought Scooby doo costume we have! Man if all three were this easy! LOL!

For Rei and I, I've found an angel costume for me and a cute devil costume for Rei. the hat for it is sooo cute on her! Cannot wait to get pictures of her in it! LOL!

We'll see you all at the Halloween Party on the 24th!

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