Thursday, October 15, 2009

KT's Birthday Sleepover/Party August 29th

OK so back to the posting and catching up on life here in our household. :)

KT got to have her first sleepover, which actually kinda turned out well- as 2 of the 3 girls were unable to actually stay overnight, so we only had one girl overnight. KT, MD, and LF "slept" on the living room floor on air mattresses and they said they were up til about 1am. Hubby and I wouldn't know as we went to bed about midnight, unable to stay awake anymore and figured the later they were up- the later they'd sleep in. LOL!

We kept things simple- pizza and fruit to snack on/for dinner and just let them play and have fun. :)

KT holding her birthday cake in pastel colors and with balloons and streamers in icing on the top of it:

Girls having fun playing on the keyboard!

MD smiling at the camera:

Time for Candles and Cake, the four girls gathered around the island as hubby puts the candles in the cake:

KT making a wish as everyone is singing Happy Birthday to her:

KT in front of the TV with presents around her- opening her presents from friends and from us:

Everyone hovering over the coffee table to check out all the loot:

The morning after- the girls opened up the paper making machine that KT received from LF.

Hubby helping the girls make their "paper"

Overall the girls had a blast and we enjoyed them being occupied. :) KT was thrilled with the success of her first sleepover.

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