Saturday, November 21, 2009

POOP- A Learning experience....

"MOM!!!! You gotta come see my Poop!!!"

Uhm yeah- you read that right... As a Mom, you never know what you are going to hear come from your kid's mouth. And when you hear those words- You never know what you are going to be asked to do.

So AC excitedly is tugging and pulling me toward the bathroom and the following dialogue ensues at the top of his lungs:

AC: MOOOOOMMMM!!!! Come on! You GOTTA see it!
Me: AC- Ok you went poop, is it big, is that what you want me to see?
AC: NOOOO Reallly, come with me!

(I reluctantly head to the bathroom in tow behind a WAY too estactic 4 yr old) By this point all the noise had attracted the attention of both sisters in the house too, and we were followed by them into the bathroom too, which in turn attracted the attention of Miss Rei, who couldn't be left out either.

AC: LOOOOOOOK! It's a letter C!!!

(All of us peering over the camode to see a very large piece of excrement that had indeed curved into the shape of a letter C, resting at the bottom.)

MD: Yay! It's a Letter C!
AC: I know my letter, I pooped a Letter C!

(I'm rolling my eyes and trying to keep a straight face in amazement of what kids will use as learning experiences)

Me: Yep, it looks like a letter C. Can we flush the toilet now?
AC: NOOOOOOOO! I wan't to show Daddy too!
Me: AC, Daddy doesn't need to see it- he's outside working on something, you've shown it to Mommy, MD, KT, and Rei, so how about we flush the toilet now.
AC: Ooooookay. (then he begins to sing the alphabet song as he flushes the toilet and proceeds to wash his hands)

I walk from the bathroom just shaking my head. Man- I never thought or imagined that I'd be part of a learning experience of learning letters with poop... The things Kids will do and say...


Erin said...

hahahahah what you didn't take a picture?!? LOL

Mom22grls&1boy said...

Uhm No... LOL!