Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 11: April 12th- Friday- Return home

All that's left is shutting down the laptop and zipping up the suitcase. Supposed to head out just before 9am. Miss Favor has been a jack-in-the-box under the table this morning in the dining room. She knows something is up!
Several trainers have come by to say Good luck and that we really look good together. It’s very encouraging given the people this has come from as I fee almost like I have some pretty big expectations and shoes to fill since we are the first to leave GDF with the new
Praying too that the weather holds out for my flights too. Jody M took two of us to the airport as we were flying out of La Guardia. I was the first one to fly out, so we headed in first. The storms that had hit home/Indiana on Wednesday was now rolling in here in NY. So we went through TSA and with all my stuff, felt like I was stripping down- had to pull out all the CI stuff, the laptop, camera, and of course the shoes, watch, and anything else in the pockets. From here we took off for the gate, which was honestly in the most odd location I’ve ever seen for an airport. It was literally just before going out the doors to baggage claim and on the ground level.
As we walked up, another lady walked up beside us and stopped to quiet the little dog in the soft carrier on top of her carryon. Jody had me sit down in an open seat and said that currently the plane was scheduled to leave on time, but wasn’t sure if I’d make my connecting flight in Philly if it was delayed by very much. The woman sitting next to then told us that they’d just announced over the loud speaker that the flight was delayed by a minimum of 30 minutes and could be more. So Jody went up to talk to the airline representative at the gate counter and asked the about what options we had. I was blessed in that the gentleman made the suggestion and offered to change me to a direct flight straight through to Indy. So they re-directed my baggage to the other airline and Jody and I made a mad dash across the airport and into the other terminal. Favor was on the move and had me chuckling as Jody was having to hustle to keep up with the two of us.
We made it quickly though to the other terminal and because the other person that was flying out was going to be leaving soon, Jody had to go back to the car to get them to their flight. It wasn’t long until they started pre-boarding and it was interesting as all the people stared at us, especially Favor. When it came time to board, we got on the plane and my seat was about 2/3rds of the way back and without knowing if there would be someone beside me or not, I got my bag up in the overhead bin and then had to figure out how to get Favor under the seat. Rei was a small petite little thing and Favor was not. I tried sitting down and putting her under the seat first and that just didn’t work at all. She wasn’t sure where to go and my legs were just flat out in the way. So I turned her around and backed her into the foot area and then told her down and under, pointing under the seat in front of me and she went up as far as she could and I scooted her butt around so she was right in front of me and I could straddle her. It turned out that the plane wasn’t that full and there wasn’t anyone sitting beside us at all, so after we got up into the air and the seat belt light turned off, I moved over to the window seat and Favor spread out in the foot area and slept clear through the landing and taxi into the gate. I was so happy to see Mike standing in the lobby area and to be home!
Because I had gotten on the earlier flight, we were home before KT took off for her basketball tournament and she got to meet Favor and see each other and then MD and AC got home and were so good to see everyone as I missed them terribly! Favor did well with meeting the kids. MD had gymnastics practice, so we headed there and Mike, AC and I went out to dinner and did a little shopping waiting on Meaghan to finish practice.
She did get a little protective of me later in the evening though as the kids got their jammies on and she wasn't sure what was going on, but we worked with it and she was fine. I shot Greg an email to contact me for some suggestions on how to work with this and he called back immediately saying it sounded like she was just being protective and asserting herself over the kids, since she was in a totally new environment and not sure where she fit in the picture as well as having been on a plan for the first time too.
Greg instructed me to have the kids toss a Kong/toy for her and I take it from her so she sees that they play with her and are with me and to have them feed her some treats. He also said to keep things very low key for a couple of days and keep her on leash for a couple of days to make sure there wouldn't be any issues with her and the kids.

We headed to bed and put her on tie down next to the bed in the new bed we’d gotten for her. She slept through the night without any issues.