Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 8: April 9- Tuesday

First thing for this morning is we are headed over to the vet this morning for our check-up before heading home on Friday. I plan to talk to them about her not eating well either and check the ear infection she has again. Greg had weighed her in at the one kennel at 58lbs. Today at the other kennel, she’s weighing 54lbs. I know scales are different, but concerned of that much difference so quickly. The vet said she looks great otherwise and that the shepherds and collies tend to be like this when going through a lot of changes in terms of food. They gave us out health papers and we were quickly on our way and headed back over to the residence building and just took it easy until lunch time. I’m not sure what is in store for us for the rest of the day though. :)

Just before lunch Greg came and told me there is a recall on the Taste of the Wild food that Favor has been on. He said too that his other dog that is in the kennels hasn't been eating or willing to touch his food either! He's thinking that is why she's not eating and has gotten sick on me the past couple of days too. We are going to go with canned food until I get home and he's going to give me a few cans to switch her over to the food I'll put her on when we get home. My goal is to put her on Natures Domain from Costco. It’s a 5 star food according to Dog Food Advisor and is grain free.

For the afternoon, we took off for a fun afternoon at Port Jefferson! We started out at Starbucks and Greg went out with Favor & I first. We walked around the little harbor town. :) It is very pretty and a neat New England town with white houses and a ferry that ran in and out of the harbor. I did a bit of shopping, picking up some t shirts for the kids and enjoyed the sights! :) Favor did well too, taking me in and out of the crowds and strollers really well as it was very busy. We also ran into several CCI trainers too and they were very impressed with her! :) After making a loop around the town and seeing the sights, we worked our way back to the Starbucks and Greg went out individually with my other two classmates.
After finishing here, we went back to the Foundation for dinner. As usual, dinner was amazing with GDF’s Chef Kevin.  Kevin sure knows how to cook some amazing food!

After dinner, was the quarterly GDF graduate conference call, so Greg set us up in the conference room to listen in. We had a little bit of technical difficulties, but worked through it and were able to hear the call through to the end. The dogs did well and snoozed on the floor for the most part.

Favor laying on the floor at my feet and looking to her right at the person walking outside

Favor still laying on the floor, but looking up at me with her big brown eyes wanting to know whats up!

We all three called it a night after that, heading back to our rooms.  I chatted with Mike on the computer and Favor watched out the open window as the sun set over the campus.

Favor standing at the crank opening window with a screen.   The window sill is just at her neck and she was watching as GDF staff was busy working about the campus outside.

After a while, she became bored with me not paying attention to her and creeped herself up beside me again- with both hind feet on the floor again. LOL!   This time she was like "Look at me and play!" :)

I was pretty worn out tonight again as the time is wearing on me and wasn't sleeping well in this bed.   I had the window open all night too since the AC was not on in the building yet and we were having unseasonably warm weather for this time of year here at the Foundation. 

Night all!